History of the Greater Manchester Black Scholarship Foundation

The Greater Manchester Black Scholarship Foundation is the realization of a dream, a father's dream that took form in 1974, when its founder Lionel W Johnson and a group of people who shared that dream officially organized. The first elected officers were: Frank Bishop Jr, Athenia Jones, Lionel W Johnson, Vanessa L.M. Johnson, other trustees were; Inez Bishop, Adelaide Dodge, Hilda Fleisher Peter Flood, George Hause, Kevin McAdams, Henry McLaughlin, James Reynolds, Madeline Sachez, Edward Shapiro, Rabbi Arthur Starr and Mervin Weston.

It is the Mission of the Greater Manchester Black Scholarship Foundation to award scholarships to needy and worthy New Hampshire students regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. Over the years there have been many ways we have worked to meet the challenge of this mission and the commitment has remained strong and inspiring. Board Members contribute their expertise, ability and time, keeping the membership diverse and bringing a dynamic to our vision that is vital and relevant. Fundraising is always a challenge, and over the years we have organized a variety of activities to accomplish our goals such as; direct solicitation, raffles, tag sales, car washes, family gatherings, Monte Carlo nights, and our Souvenir Ad Book.

Education is a necessity of a productive life, and we are eager and proud to be responsive to that need. We are energized by the progress and success of our endeavors. We acknowledge our diversity and the need to provide all students with opportunities for a higher education. During the past 31 years over 190 scholarship awards have been presented. Our vision is to continue to reach out to students around the state, be a network of information and address the increasing demand for financial assistance due to the rising cost of secondary education. Generous and faithful support allows us all to share the dream.

In 1997 the first Frank Bishop Sr. and E. Bruce Bynum annual scholarship awards were presented in memory of our very special longtime trustees. This year two worthy students have been recognized with these awards. Designated contributions towards existing scholarships can be made at any time throughout the year for future annual awards. The 16th Adelaide Dodge Award will be presented this year, made possible through the support of a bequest from the founding board member. An estate planner can assist you with a similar gift for the future, 'the gift that just keeps on giving', what a nice way to be remembered.. We are grateful to all the individuals and bussiness who purchased place in the Souvenir Book. Please feel free to contact any member for further information, make comments or suggestions.

Greater Manchester Black Scholarship Foundation

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